On annual basis, the global market of lubricating oils is estimated around 40 million tons.

The European market comprises the 19% of the consumption above, while in Greece, it is estimated that 50.000 ton of lubricating oils are being put in the market.

The base lubricating oils that are required, for the production of those 50.000 tons of lubricating oils, are 45.000 tons.

The collection of the base waste lubricating oils rises in the 60% of the consumption, which is 27.000 tons, ends up in re-refinement as a whole (100%).

From these process, there is the production of re-refined base lubricating oils which rises in 74%, which is 24.000 tons, that re-enter in market channels, replacing respective quantity of primary base lubricating oils.

The process described above, is set out below

It is noted that the entrance and regeneration of re-refined base lubricating oils, which have replaced the primary base lubricating oils, results in:

  • 22% mineral resources saving
  • 12,6% reduction in greenhouse effect gases by replacing primary base lubricating oils (base oils).

In connection with the climate change, the transition in lower carbon emissions is ensured through the recovery systems. Finally, it is achieved:

  • Higher VI resulting in fuel saving final lubricant.
  • Lower volatility for reduced lubricating oils loss.
  • Lower S content.
  • Better resistance in oxidation.
  • Higher rate of saturated oils for better performance of the additives. ​

Collection and Regeneration Goals- National Goal

  • From the total of the lubricating oils that are traded in the Greek market, there is a waste lubricating oils production of 60%. (operations total).
  • 70% rate from the produced quantities of the waste lubricating oils can be collected, and comprise the waste lubricating oils Collection’s Goals of the Alternative Administration System.
  • At least 80% rate from the collected quantities of waste lubricating oils, must be regenerated and comprise the waste lubricating oils regeneration goals of the Alternative Administration System.