Results of EN.DI.A.L.E. SA. for 2019

The National Collective System of Waste Lubricating Oils Alternative Management turns out to excel in Pan-European level in the field of Waste Lubricating Oils Alternative Management.

In particular, according to the results of 2019 announced today, ENDIALE SA exceeded for another year not only the Collection target (70% of produced Waste Lubricating Oils) in a 102% rate (25.100 tons instead of the 24.600 tons goal), but also the regeneration goal (80% of the collection quantity) in a 127% rate (25.100 tons instead of the 19.700 tons goal).

The great success of ENDIALE SA was recently recognized by the European Environmental Bureau (E.E.B.), the greatest European environmental organizations network, with more than 160 organizations-members in more than 35 countries. In particular, in his report entitled “Europe’s New Laws for the Separate Collection of Waste”, published in late March 2020, ENDIALE SA is featured as the best way of Waste Lubricating Oils Collection and Regeneration. It is also mentioned that Greece achieves the highest Waste Lubricant Oils Recycling rate in the E.U.

Through the function of ENDIALE SA, significant development opportunities are featured in the sector of recycling of Waste Lubricating Oils, contributing to the consolidation of the Circular Economy model. Through its activities, EN.DI.A.L.E. SA. has achieved the optimum management of natural resources, the reduction of environmental footprint of lubricating oils and the saving of resources and energy, placing Greece in the first place with a 100% recycling rate, which is -in a worldwide level- a unique achievement of Circular Economy. 

Using the opportunity of the results announcement, The CEO of ENDIALE SA Mr. Georgios Deligiorgis stated:

«We are very proud to be first in the E.U. for another year, in the Collection and Regeneration of W.L.O. Especially in this conjuncture, where the country needs development in terms of sustainability, ENDIALE SA contributes in practice to win the challenge of the transition to Circular Economy.  This productive model contributes to saving natural resources and protecting the environment, as well as attracting investments and creating job opportunities. Congratulations to all associates of ENDIALE S.A S.E.D. (Hellenic Investors Association) for this success.” »


ENDIALE SA was established in 1998 and by 2004 functions as the National Collective System of Waste Lubricating Oils Alternative Management, under the supervision of the Hellenic Recycling Agency. It is the organization, which plans, coordinates and records all the stages of Waste Lubricating Oils management in national range: the collection, the transportation, the storage and the regeneration of Waste Lubricating Oils.

ENDIALE SA has developed a wide range of facilities in all the country, co-operating with 189 obliged administrators (lubricating oils production/trading and importing companies), 45 collectors (Waste Lubricating Oils collection and transportation companies), 8 Waste Lubricating Oils regeneration companies and more than 40.000 recorded Waste Lubricating Oils production points, from where the Waste Lubricating Oils are collected. Finally, ENDIALE SA, administrates 8 Waste Lubricating Oils collection centers in Greece, covering the needs of quality and quantity certifications as well as Waste Lubricating Oils temporary storage.

Ακολουθεί Παράρτημα Πινάκων με διαγραμματική απεικόνιση των αποτελεσμάτων.

For more information:

Mr. Antonios Kouris, Chief of Marketing Dept., ENDIALE SA, phone number +302105577673 

E-mail: [email protected] 


Results of Collection and Regeneration of W.L.O.- Structured Diagram 

Table 1: Goals for Collection and Regeneration of W.L.O on 2019


Table 2: Targets Comparison- Results of W.L.O. Collection and Regeneration in 2019