Waste Lubricating Oils Exploiters are, according to the PD 82/2004, all the operating companies in every process that allows the production of lubricating oils and especially the separation of impurities, the oxidation products and the additives which are contained in those lubricating oils.

Alternative Management System, at the present time cooperates with 8 licensed Waste Lubricating Oils (W.L.O.) Regeneration Companies in Greece, in which the whole of the W.L.O. quantities that are being collected in the Greek territory is led. The W.L.O. exploitation facilities are required to be licensed to operate, environmentally licensed and ISO 14001:2004 certification or EMAS.

Finally, by the beginning of operations of the Electronic Register of Waste Products (www.wrm.ypeka.gr), the W.L.O. exploitation facilities, are obliged to be registered as waste receipt facilities and file an annual report with the quantities of waste that they managed.


Exploitation Units Positioning


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Waste Lubricating Oils Exploiters

You can watch the list with all the Waste Lubricating Oils Exploiter Units which are contracted with the Alternative Management System by pressing HERE.