The Alternative Management of Waste Lubricating Oils (ENDIALE S.A.) is the National Collective System of Alternative Administration of Waste Lubricating Oils, which was founded in April 1998 in Athens. The activity area of the company is the alternative administration of waste lubricating oils in a more eco-friendly way, according to the European legislation.

Since June 2004 ENDIALE SA operates on the strength of the ministerial decree 105135/10-6-2006/ Official Gazette No 905 B of the Ministry for the Environment , Physical Planning and Public Works as an approved National Collective System of an Alternative Administration of Waste Lubricating Oils (W.L.O). The decree mentioned above remain into force on the strength of the Article 4 “Transitional Arrangements” of the ministerial decree No 116570/13-02-2009 Official Gazette 769 B/28-04-2009, “Regulation of the procedure for the renewal of authorization of individual or collective alternative systems for packaging and other products”.

The purpose of ENDIALE S.A. is to plan and exercise the political management of Waste Lubricating Oils in national level.

By the term of “planning” we mean the organization and operation of a pan-Hellenic collectors network for the temporary storage and transport for recycling, according to the measures and conditions which are determined by the Law 2939/2001 and the P.D. 82/2004 for the alternative administration of W.L.O.

The technical knowledge and the high level of specialization of our executives and partners have elaborated a network of eight Waste Lubricant Oils Collectors Centers all over Greece. The applied methodology in the administration, from the Waste Production Points (industries, service stations, ports etc.) to their recycling, ranks our country in the first place of European table in the percentage of lubricating oils regeneration.ENDIALE SA is a 100% affiliate company of LPC S.A.



The company is based on its innovative planning program which aim to:

Protect public health and the environment.

Save raw materials and energy.

Inform and raise awareness among the public because of the mismanagement of waste lubricating oils.

Promote the responsible management of waste lubricating oils by consumers.

Be factually informed for the profits of the project application.

√ Provide sufficient and representative data regarding the quantity and origin of the waste lubricating oils which will be immediately available at the responsible authorities.

Raise the percentage of the regeneration of waste lubricating oils and eliminate their unauthorized use.

ENDIALE S.A., within the framework of its operation, has already developed an important pan-Hellenic network for the collection and proper management of Waste Lubricating Oils, cooperating with authorized Collectors of W.L.O., Waste Lubricating Oils Regenerators and Waste Production Points, like Filling and Service Stations, Industries, Ports and others.

Today, there are 8 Waste Lubricating Oils Collectors Centers all over Greece which are serving directly any W.L.O management need.