The ENDIALE S.A. Alternative Management System of Waste Lubricating Oils has developed a cooperation network with licensed W.L.O. Collection and Transport companies which serves the whole of the Greek territory. The collectors, in order to carry out the collection and transport of W.L.O., are obliged to have a contract with a licensed Alternative Management System, in that case the one of ENDIALE S.A.

The requirements which must be satisfied in orders the Collectors to contract to the ENDIALE S.A. Alternative Management System are cited below:

  • Possess a collection and distribution of W.L.O. license, which is issued by either the local administrative region for local range license, or the Ministry of the Environment and Energy for pan-Hellenic range license.
  • Possess a tank vehicle, which vehicle registration must clearly state waste lubricating oils as the transferred item.
  • Possess a valid insurance contract of civil liability for the restoration of the environment in case of accident.

After the contract with the Alternative Management System is signed, the Hellenic Recycling Agency gives Recognition Documents with unique numbering and series to every collector which the collector must issue during the waste collection from the collection centers or the waste delivery to the Exploiters facilities. Collectors are obliged before the delivery of the collected waste to the exploiters facilities, to bear the Recognition Documents that accompany the waste in one of the collection centers of the Alternative Management System, where quality and quantity control is taking place and they are registered to the data processing system of ENDIALE S.A.

Finally, given that the Electronic Waste Register ( is operative, the W.L.O. Collectors, are obliged to be registered as waste collection and distribution facilities and file an annual report with the quantities of waste that they managed.

Form/ Application for W.L.O. Collectors

(The Collector contract Sample with the EN.DI.A.L.E S.A. Alternative Management System is cited)

You can watch the list with all the Waste Lubricating Oils Collectors and Transport which are contracted with the Alternative Management System by pressing HERE.