According to the Extended Producer Responsibility principle (European Directive 2008/98/EC) as it was adopted by the national legislation by the law 2939/2001 and by the Presidential Decree 82/2004, all the companies that produce, or import Lubricating Oils and put them in the Greek market are obliged to participate in the Collective Alternative Management System, or introduce a Personal Alternative Management System in order to manage the Waste Lubricating Oils as provided for the Lubricating Oils put in the Greek market.

ENDIALE S.A. as the only Alternative Management System of Waste Lubricating Oils in Greece (Collective or Individual), is contracted with all the companies that distribute lubricating oils in the Greek market.

Whoever puts lubricating oils in the Greek Market (Obliged Administrators), and have a contract to the Alternative Management System of ENDIALE S.A., is obliged to file a statement with the quantities of lubricating oils that they have put in the Greek market every semester. A respective money contribution for every obliged administrator is being issued, based on those quantities, with which its obligation to manage the waste that occurs from the distribution of lubricating oils is being passed to the Alternative Management System of ENDIALE S.A. Finally, with the recent beginning of operation of the National Register of Producers ( from the Hellenic Recycling Agency, all the obliged administrators mentioned above, should subscribe in the register and mention the quantities of Lubricating Oils they have put in the Greek market, every year.

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Lubricating Oils Producers

You can watch the list with all the Waste Lubricating Oils Producers which are contracted with the Alternative Management System of ENDIALE S.A. by pressing HERE.