The ENDIALE S.A. Alternative Management System operates 8 Collection Centers in Greece. The collectors, before delivering the waste in one of the Alternative Management System contracted exploiter facilities, bring the waste to the Collection Centers, where quality/quantity control is taking place to the waste and record is kept through their course from the production point to their final processing. In addition, ENDIALE S.A. in the Collection Centers, provides all the contracted collectors with the opportunity of temporary storage of their waste with no extra cost, improving, in that way, the effectiveness of the collection and distribution network, while decreasing the environmental danger from the distribution of dangerous waste, such as the waste lubricating oils.

The location planning of the collection centers was guided by the need for full coverage of the Greek territory, so as the collected quantities of Waste Lubricating Oils be transported from the Collection Points to the Collection Centers for temporary storage, through the safest route, and from there, to the Exploiters.


You can watch the list with all the Collection Centers of the Alternative Management System by pressing HERE.