Meeting with the Attica Regional Governor G. Patoulis

in a ENDIALE SA contracted Waste Lubricating Oils Regeneration Unit.

G. Patoulis: “The exemplary and alternative Waste Lubricating Oils management is a preliminary step which might become a strong incentive for many companies”.

During his meeting in the contracted Waste Lubricating Oils regeneration unit facilities in Aspropyrgos, the Attica Regional Governor G. Patoulis, had the chance to be informed about the project and the impressive effects of the ENDIALE SA National Collective System of Waste Lubricating Oils Alternative Management.

During the guided unit tour, the Attica Regional Governor G. Patoulis, watched the functions of a pioneering and innovating management system which regenerates Waste Lubricating Oils and gives them back for re-use, with great benefits for the environment and the economy. The Attica Regional Governor was accompanied from the Attica Regional Civil Protection Vice-Governor and President of EDSNA. V. Kokkalis and the West Attica Regional Vice-Governor L. Kosmopoulos.

ENDIALE SA has developed a panhellenic co-operations network with Lubricating Oils companies, for the collection, transportation, storage and regeneration of Waste Lubricating Oils, which is the epitome of the new model of Circular Economy.

The right Waste Lubricating Oils management, through the collection, the regeneration and the re-use, crucially contributes to the environment protection, to the public health preservation and the raw material and energy saving, as the Waste Lubricating Oils are dangerous and toxic material.

According to the recently announced results of the 2019, ENDIALE SA exceeded again the annual collection goal (70% of the produced Waste Lubricating Oils) in a 102% rate  (25.100 tons instead of the 24.600 tons goal), as well as the regeneration goal (80% of the collection quantity) in a 127% rate (25.100 tons instead of the 19.700 tons goal)

The Pan-European first place of ENDIALE SA was recognized from the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) which is the greatest European environmental organizations network, with more than 160 organizations-members in more than 35 countries.

After the meeting completion, the Attica Regional Governor G. Patoulis stated the following:

“In our today meeting in the ENDIALE SA facilities, here, in Aspropyrgos, we had the joy and the chance to be informed and watch closely the very interesting process of the recycling and re-use of the Waste Lubricating Oils. It is an innovating and pioneering method with great development benefits, which is a model of the right Waste Lubricating Oils management, aiming to the protection of the environment.

It is my deep belief that the possibilities of making business in Attica have a great range and might contribute crucially in the financial boost of local communities.

As Attica Regional Government, in the frame of the strategic planning that we apply, aiming to boost the recycling in Attica so as to move to more modern ways of solid wastes treatment, we will support in practice every business and enterprise which is in this direction and has a development orientation.

As we found out during our today meeting, the process of recycling is becoming in the right way, as it is certified by the international recognition and the distinction of the particular unit.

I believe that this exemplary management is a prerequisite, which might become a strong incentive for many companies in order to claim more excellence in that field, and all together win the challenges of the right and effective wastes treatment.

Reaching to the conclusion, I would like to congratulate those who contribute in the right treatment of solid wastes, sending a message of hope that all together, we can form a better future for our children and lead Attica in development. We will be by their side and contribute in practice in that effort.”

Mr. D. Kontaxis, the president of the Federation of Recycling and Energy Recovery Industries and Enterprises (SEPAN S.A.) stated:

The Pan-European excellence of ENDIALE SA shows the way. Circular Economy can be a new page in the development of Greece, with well-paid jobs and respect in the principles of sustainability and protection of the environment. The private sector is ready to invest in that direction, along with the institutional support of the central Government and the co-operation of the regional Governments, so as the benefits of circular economy reach in every corner of Greece.

Mr. G. Deligiorgis, the president and CEO of ENDIALE SA stated:

We had the great pleasure to welcome the Attica Regional Governor Mr. G. Patoulis and inform him in detail about the important works of the ENDIALE SA National Collective System of Waste Lubricating Oils Alternative Management. Mr. Regional Governor, along with us, had the chance to watch closely, all the process of Waste Lubricating Oils recycling, in which Greece succeeded to have the best rate among the countries of the European Union. We continue with the same effectiveness in order to succeed even better results, with the co-operation of the Attica Regional Government, which under the administration of the Attica Regional Governor Mr. G. Patoulis, has as basic priority the green development.

 Mr. M. Mpantis, CEO of LCP stated:

“We welcomed the Attica Regional Governor Mr. G. Patoulis and had the chance to guide him in the facilities of LPC. Here, the Oils are recycled through a pioneering and innovating treatment system. The used and dangerous toxic waste comes to life again, which benefits everyone. Saving natural resources and valuable currency, protecting the environment and boosting business and employment.

The Attica Regional Government has declared 2020 as the Year of Recycling.

The Attica Regional Government has declared 2020 as the Year of Recycling in Attica. In this frame, a plan of aggressive recycling and collection in the source is implemented, so as in 2025, the management of wastes will become in a modern way and not by being buried in Fyli or anywhere else in Attica. The effort of the Regional Government is based on 3 basic principles which are: the switch to a circular economy aiming to the right and safe solid wastes management, the real solutions in real time and the recycling boost “so as a social circular economy, which will create new jobs and making Attica Region a model in Europe and the whole world”, to be made.






ENDIALE SA was established in 1998 and by 2004 functions as the National Collective System of Waste Lubricating Oils Alternative Management, under the supervision of the Hellenic Recycling Agency. It is the organization, which plans, coordinates and records all the stages of Waste Lubricating Oils management in national range: the collection, the transportation, the storage and the regeneration of Waste Lubricating Oils.


ENDIALE SA has developed a wide range of facilities in all the country, co-operating with 189 obliged administrators (lubricating oils production/trading and importing companies), 45 collectors (Waste Lubricating Oils collection and transportation companies), 8 Waste Lubricating Oils regeneration companies and more than 40.000 recorded Waste Lubricating Oils production points, from where the Waste Lubricating Oils are collected. Finally, ENDIALE SA, administrates 8  Waste Lubricating Oils collection centers in Greece, covering the needs of quality and quantity certifications as well as Waste Lubricating Oils current storage.


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