Green public contracts are a useful tool for the environmental policy goal achievement. These goals are related to climate change, resources use, sustainable consumption and production – given that they represent 14% of GDP of the E.U. (1.8 trillion € annually).

In that case, the E.U, has already enacted “green” criteria in order to compose and declare tendering procedures.

Lubricating Oils are included in the group of products and services in which rules, over Green Public Contracts and especially in the group “transportation”, are applied.

In the certain group related to Green Public Contracts of the E.U, it is explicitly mentioned on pages 4, 6, 11 and 17 that in Green Public Contracts there must be provided the use of regenerated lubricating oils in at least a rate of 25%.

The size of the market of lubricating oils, that are consumed by public organizations in Greece, is estimated in 10.000 tons annually.

If we replace 25% of the quantity above (2.500 tons), with regenerated lubricating oils the benefits that αrise are:

  • Reduction of Greenhouse effect gases by 12,6%
  • Mineral resources saving by 22%


Source: Study IFEU Life Cycle Analysis, June 2017