George Deligiorgis, the CEO of ENDIALE SA

at Aegean Voice 107,5.

George Deligiorgis, The Chairman of the Management Board & CEO of ENDIALE SA (Waste Lubricating Oils Alternative Management) spoke to Aegean Voice 107,5 and Eirini Prompona, for the waste lubricating oils (W.L.O.) and their recycling. The reason of this conversation was the signing of a contract between the Municipality of Naxos and Lesser Cyclades and “CYTOP” a few weeks ago, considering that there are quantities of W.L.O. in the Municipality which are produced by the works, carried out in the yard workshop and accumulated in a tank specially placed in the yard area.
Mr. Deligiorgis pointed out the importance of lubricating oils recycling, as they are toxic and hazardous materials. “Just one liter of lubricant is enough to contaminate an area equal to a stadium size”, Mr. Deligiorgis said characteristically.
ENDIALE SA applies the model of the circular economy. “Circular economy” is defined by a new production and consumption model in which, through process and reuse, the materials acquire a new life cycle, creating a new value opportunity.
As a result, there is a smaller environmental footprint, as well as lower cost on the production of new lubricants. In effect, circular economy is the key to the sustainable path of our economy and the achievement of the global goals for sustainable development. Mr. George Deligiorgis spoke on Thursday 17 September.