The creation of a waste lubricating oils collection system came up from the necessity to protect the environment from every kind of toxic substance that is thrown in the soil, and therefore in the aquatic system, the plantations, the animals, the food chain and through it, to humans. In addition, health damages and the consequences of environmental pollution became an extra incentive for the operation of our company.

Beyond the sustainability benefits, waste lubricating oils collection and management make up a field with great development potentials, which is proven to lead to remarkable financial results.

Substantially, with the regeneration, the base lubricating oil which is contained in the waste lubricating oils, is being recovered and re-positioned in the market, saving resources and energy.

It is noted that the lubricating aliquot in the waste lubricating oils can not be recovered by other management methods which results in the necessity to replace the aliquot with the energy-consuming production of a new lubricating substance from crude oil.

By using this innovative and enterprising Collective Alternative Management System, ENDIALE S.A., moderates efficiently all the stages of Waste Lubricating Oils Management and reveals in practice, the benefits of Cycle Economics in environment, public health and quality of life, contributing in dealing with climate change. Meanwhile, it can give development push to new fields of financial activity, creating new “green employment” and specializations.

So, ENDIALE S.A. through its innovative and successful operations, leads 100% of all the collected waste lubricating oils in recycle. This is a best practice in application of Circular Economy Theory.