by Dimitris Mpalis

Most of the people may assume that Greece is inferior to other European countries in the field of recycling. If we put in mind the great number of illegal landfills and the problematic waste management system, they might not be wrong. Although, remarkable progress has been achieved in the last years.

Our country might be struggling to cope up with progress around Europe, although there are fields in which Greece excels. 


In any case, in other fields of recycling, the last years, progress is rapid. For example, tires, in which the recycling exceeds 95% and then the recycling products are being used as tartan, road columns etc. Cars, either these that are being delivered by their owners, or these which are being collected by municipalities or regional governments, are led to recycling in maximum rate. Although, everywhere in Greece, there are abandoned cars due to their irresponsible owners who have not raised awareness over this important recycling effort. Government is also responsible for not penalizing those owners and not collecting these cars on its own motion.

There is also another field, this of waste lubricating oils, for which our country must be proud. According to the statistics presented by Giorgos Deligiorgis, the president of the System of Waste Lubricating Oils Alternative Management (ENDIALE SA), Greece is in the first place among the countries of the European Union.

Specifically, by the 2nd semester of 2004 the system has collected 363.000 tons of wastes, recycling 100% of it, in comparison to the corresponding 33% of the European Union average.

Georgios Deligiorgis stated: «We managed, not only to succeed the goals, which are being set by the Greek government, but also to exceed them. We are proud that Greece is the pioneer in the collection and recycling in Pan-European level. We hope that this massive effort will create or boost the environmental awareness among the organizations involved and be applied in other fields, such as industry or shipping, too.»

These statistics were presented in the “Environmental Awards 2017” event, which was hosted by ENDIALE SA. so as to award car dealerships and workshops for their contribution to the right treatment of waste lubricating oils.

In the event many people participated and greeted, among them: Sokratis Famellos; the Vice-Minister of Environment and Energy, Evaggelos Kyritsis; representative of Greek Recycling Agency, Anargyros Kouzis; Chief of Vehicles Services Facilities Section of the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Dimitris Patsios, General Manager of Cars Importers and Dealers Association, Dimitris Kontaxis; President of Recycling Companies Association, Nikos Xrysogelos, Katia Lazaridi and Ioannis Agapitidis; former Presidents of Greek Recycling Agency, Fanourios Zannikos; proffessor at National Technological University of Athens and Dr. Fillipos Kyrkitsos; President of Ecological Recycling Society